Foviatech handles a holistic approach to lay the foundation for a complete ‘connectivity’ in an era of rapid change and fierce competition. In our mission ‘Digital’ we add the right solutions and cost efficient techniques to digitize our customer experiences. We digitize your vision through our mission and innovation. Digitalization has enabled diverse solutions to face competition and enhance the market value of the stakeholders. Our solutions advance our customers towards a complete End-to-End (E2E) platform. Current solutions hinder innovation and advances vast barriers. Our cutting edge ideas using combination of radical technologies like Quantum, AI & 2D materials supports to disperse the hurdles through complete digital automation.

Meet the Team

Sowmya Thyagarajan

Sowmya Thyagarajan, studied aviation technology and came to Hamburg in 2014 for internship at the HAW. At the beginning of 2016 she returned to the Hanseatic city and worked as a researcher at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). In May 2018, she founded her company Foviatech and brought Robotics and Artificial Intelligence expert Chandrakant Bothe to the team as a co-founder. Being a technology enthusiast and a passionate innovator, she facilitates the leading ecosystem for next-generation technology and innovation. As a CEO of Foviatech, she is focused on building hybrid products evolving transportation and healthcare industry. With a vivid love for aviation and space, she brings together relevant ideas and networks sharing solutions for cross-industrial applications as well.
Foviatech uses digitalisation and smart automation strategies to transform the transportation and healthcare industries. Foviatech’s innovative strategy of combining artificial intelligence and graphene occupies a special position for industrialisation and digitisation. One example of the hybrid products are seats, which enables digitalisation through Ergonomics instruction, Biometric data provision and Comfort enhancement. Foviatech also offers AI based customised software solutions adaptable to Production and MRO processes for transportation industries.

Hardware Pitch

Software Pitch

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